Benjamin Moore grew up in central Virginia, playing in Appalachian watersheds, rolling out of the mountains and crashing onto Chesapeake and Atlantic shores.  Equally at home in fresh water or salt, he was especially drawn to its motion.  Combine that with an overwhelming desire for shared experience, and teaching came naturally.  This progressed to instructing and guiding many water based activities throughout the Americas, Europe, and New Zealand.  He found a second home for 8 years in Norway, where the fjords cut deep into the mountains, you can drink the whitewater, and the North Atlantic breaks cold and clean on empty beaches.

Ben currently runs the most successful whitewater paddleboarding program in the world at Riverside Outfitters in Richmond, VA.  He deeply appreciates the support of Bic Sport, Werner Paddles, and Body Glove.  Their passion for producing high quality gear builds the confidence to push boundaries in heavy conditions.

Alex Shaw grew up chasing outdoor adventures with his brothers and sister in his hometown of Lynchburg, VA. His thirst for water-related thrills was encouraged by his family and friends, who joined him for everything from wakeboarding at Smith Mountain Lake and surfing in the Outer Banks to late-night cat fishing on the bank of the James River. As he got older, he found his niche with waves and eddies, first in canoes and then on batteaus. He’s now a raft and paddleboard guide at Riverside Outfitters in Richmond, VA. Alex finds tremendous satisfaction and personal growth from his encounters on the water and the people he shares these experiences with. Wondering where to find him? He’s usually somewhere within the Fall Line of the James River in Richmond with his wife Nikki and daughters, Eleanor and Annie.